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Help, I'm not sure what this is all about

So what is this?

USketch.Me is a quick way to share sketches between a large group of people online. It can be used as a virtual whiteboard to sketch things out for a large group. You can even load an image and mark it up.

How do I share my sketch?

Simply copy the USketch.ME address you have for your sketch (for example ) and give to the people you want to share with.

Why does my sketch disappear?

USketch.ME is a real-time sketch sharing application. This means the sketch you create is visible to others as soon as you've drawn it. Everyone who can see the web address can see and participate in the drawing. This also means that if you're not there when the sketch was created you might not get to see the drawing, because the application only keeps previous sketching for a short period of time.

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